Our responsibility to ensure that recruitment policies, practices and support systems are designed and operated in accordance with the Code of Practice is fulfilled through carrying out a number of audits annually.

Following each audit and evaluation process, we compile a report detailing the outcomes.
Where appropriate, we include recommendations to address any area for improvement identified during the exercise.

The following audits have been carried out in recent years and are available to read or download.


September 2019 - Audit of the use of restrictive eligibility criteria in promotion process in the Office of the Revenue Commissioners

June 2018 - Follow-up audit of policies and practices relating to local recruitment and appoitments by HR departments for HSE hospital groups, University Hospital Waterford and University Hospital Limerick

June 2017 -  Audit of appointment processes for two senior positions in the Health Business Service Directorate in the Health Service Executive

April 2017 - Audit of appointments to consultant positions in the Health Service Executive conducted by the Public Appointments Service

March 2016 -  Audit of Policies and Practices relating to Local Recruitment and Appointments by HR Departments for HSE Hospital Groups:

(i) University Hospital Waterford

(ii) University Hospital Limerick

December 2015 -  Audit of Recruitment and Selection Policies and Practices within An Garda Síochána relating to promotions to the Rank of Sergeant and Inspector

February 2015 - Audit of Policies and Practices relating to Appointments within the Houses of the Oireachtas

November 2014 -  Audit of Policies and Practices relating to Internal Appointments within the Irish Prison Services

September 2014: Appointment Process for the position of Executive Officer in Revenue